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Almost every keyless lock in the market today has either a lever or dead bolt, but the Victor Keyless Lock has both. Our lock is the only one on the market that has a one piece interconnected lock with a one inch dead bolt.

Think No key at all
The Victor Keyless Lock uses no key at all. A no key lock is safer than a key lock because they cannot be picked by a burglar or a professional lock smith. All of our competitors come with a key-over-ride function, which can make any lock unsecured. Instead of an emergency key-over-ride, we utilize an emergency cam lock in case of dead batteries or electronic failure. The cam lock is set on the door jamb side of the lock with a gap of less then 3/8” to prevent someone from being able to pick the lock.

Black out when fumbled
The Victor Keyless Lock has millions of potential combinations and it will black out when fumbled with the wrong code after three consecutive unsuccessful entries. If an intruder attempts to access the lock, they will trigger an alarm to scare them off.

Hopping code is used for Remote control lock
An infrared wave is used to activate the remote control lock. There is no way the code can be copied or entrapped, because a code hopping feature is used each time the remote control is clicked.

Alarm will activate when picked or circumvented
If someone attempts to pick the cam lock an alarm is activated. More importantly, the KP-55 uses a unique alarm system that will activate if a burglar breaks the door glass and reaches the inside door lever in an attempt unlock the door.

Double security system
The KP-55 version of the Victor Keyless lock uses a double code that can be set to black out a regular user. For example, an owner or manager can set the double security code to black out a regular door user after working hours or over the weekends. Home owners can black out house keeper to enter only on specific days.

Awarded the Golden medal in Invention show
The Victor Keyless Lock was awarded the gold medal for its unique patent design.

Wide range of applications
The Victor Keyless Lock can be used for residential, multifamily housing, commercial, apartment, condominium, student dormitories and office buildings.  When it comes to protecting your family and property you want the best. With the Victor Keyless lock you get it all – it is the best!!


When it comes to protect your families and property, you want the best. Victor Keyless lock is one of the best in the market today with all the features as follows.

  1. All included interconnected keyless dead bolt and lever handle lock.
  2. Easy installation; User friendly easy installation and convenient to use.
  3. Anit-picking or bumping key. Pick proof and bump proof. watch our video
  4. No key at all with our lock; Frustrated of security concerns of fumble bundle of keys, changing locks, lost keys or have keys been stolen or copied.. Backup with emergence un pickable cam lock. Over hundred of millions combination.
  5. Double security code will black out normal users after un-assigned hours.
  6. Alert warning;
  7. Black out keypad after three consecutive wrong code entry. Alarm will sound on KP-55 Model)
  8. Alert owner with green and red light flashing to worn the intrusion.
  9. Loud alarm will sound when emergency cam lock is picked.
  10. Loud alarm will sound if illegally reach inside to unlock the lever to unlock.
  11. Night alarm can be set at sleeping time from inside.
  12. Battery operated, no hot wire needed. Long battery life time.
  13. Heavy duty, solid brass and steel structuard.
  14. It is 20 minutes wooden door fire rated.
  15. Egress. ADA handicap lever handle.
  16. Perfect for Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Movie Theatres, Airports, Retail, Offices, Pharmacies. Both residential, commercial and perfect for medical buildings.
  17. The KP-55 is the best INVESTMENT in your homes’ security and business.
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